" Cuidemos que nossas palavras e pensamentos não voem além do que a Palavra de Deus nos diz(...) Deixemos com Deus o seu próprio conhecimento (...) Prossigamos tal como Ele se der a conhecer, sem tratar de descobrir algo sobre sua natureza fora da Sua Palavra" John Calvino

3 de abr de 2009

LETTER 02/2009


SJC, March.02/2009.

"By faith Abraham, when called, obeyed and went to a place that would later receive as an inheritance, but does not know where was going”
Heb. 11: 8.

Hello beloved,
I feel so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve you in my life and at the same time so insignificant in His glory.
Two weeks ago, I attended an international meeting of leaders of OM (ILM-International leaders meeting
) that I mentioned to you in the previous letter. I am still amazed with the experience I had, meeting dedicated missionaries who are full of valuable experiences. Besides the opportunity to practice English, I felt like Mary, thirsty at the feet of Jesus. I can really see the greatness of the work of God the world through mission agencies such as OM and I praise God for each of you who have believed in me, investing in my life through your incessant prayers and loyalty.
We have much work to be done and also major challenges. Sometimes we have to huge giants to defeat, but it is a privilege to serve a God so great through missions around the world. Please, pray always for us, because we are in 116 countries where the majority have serious barriers to the gospel. And never forget that each one of you takes part in all this. You are part of my ministry and praise be to God who uses each of you to help me to do His will!

In Christ
Missionary Danyse Padilha

Grounds for gratitude
1. At ILM (international meeting of leaders);
2. For the financial support of people who believe;
3. For new students’ potential in the missionary training course;
4.The opportunity to improve our English and that leaders can meet other servants through ILM.

Requests for prayer
1. For a more stable monthly maintenance;
2. To have a chance to start a course in the area of counseling and advanced English;
3. For my things that got lost in the mail;
4. The adaptation and development of new students in training;
5. To find a good church to attend here in Sao Jose dos Campos;
6. To finish paying my debts for last year.

E-mail: douleteos@hotmail.com/gmail.com
Account:B.BRASIL / Ag. 3106-2/ Account 24.843-6
Av. Dr. Mário Galvão, 198. Jardim Bela Vista.
São Jose dos Campos-SP/Brazil.CEP.12.209-004.
Telephone (012) 3945-0047.

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